Top 10 Utilities Tech Solution Companies - 2020

Today, utility firms around the world are embracing digital technologies to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The increased technological capability has created an explosion of data in the utility industry, altering the way in which utilities can meet demands. They implement various approaches to compete and build customer trust. All these innovations are aimed at improving processes and improve customer service by offering a more personalized experience, solutions for self-service and lower costs.

Typical among the technologies cited by utility stakeholders are cloud computing, digital transformation, IoT, electric vehicles, distributed/ renewable energy sources, and security. There is also a thriving transition of these technology-based innovations into the utility industry. Tech-

evangelists are optimistic about how smart grids, advanced metering infrastructures, virtual power plants, smart homes, intelligent transportation, and smart cities will enable tomorrow’s utilities. However, utility companies will require all the resourcefulness and intellect to convert them into promising opportunities for the future.

With so many changes taking place in the utility industry, firms looking forward to leading the transformations need to remain open and nimble to groundbreaking technologies, thoughts, and processes. To help companies who struggle in this space, the current edition of CIOReview brings you “10 Most Promising Utilities Tech Solution Providers 2020.” The solutions offered by these companies will help utility companies to create a blueprint, implement, and maintain an array of solutions with innovative applications and smart devices.

    Top Utilities Technology Companies

  • 1

    Avertra is a Global Integration Services, Products & Consultancy Organization with a main focus on the Energy and Utilities Industry. With one of the best internal Implementation, Development, Support, and Services Teams in the US and European Markets, they strive to exceed their customers’ expectations and achieve the immediate realization of the value within the first year of the partnerships. The internal and external teams possess the highest level of experience when it comes to SAP IS-U /CR&B Consulting & Advisement, CSS Web Portal Product Deployments, Smart Grid Solutions, and Analytics for Business Intelligence. Their innovative solutions and delivery models are designed to take customers’ to the point where support is a choice, not a requirement

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    Cogsdale is known for developing solutions for local governments and utilities to address the complex and changing needs of its operations since 1997. Cogsdale focuses on public and private services, local government organizations, and utility co-operatives. The company provides fully integrated solutions by leveraging the knowledge of the customers with the strength of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cogsdale increases the core Microsoft Dynamics offerings to provide a full range of functional solutions, including Financial Management, Asset Management, People Management, Work Management, and Customer Management

  • 3

    Florida-based Communications International (Ci) addresses the challenges associated with the design and implementation of mission-critical communications systems including unique weather events like hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. The company’s solutions are catered toward a variety of markets such as utilities, public safety, transportation, and commercial applications. The company’s suite of products enables clients to make the necessary preparations before an impending natural disaster. In the event of an emergency, they provide immediate assistance to ensure communication channels are up and running. Responsiveness is a core value at Ci as well as ensuring the safety of its system users

  • 4

    CTC Global manufactures the ACCC® Conductor, which utilizes a hybrid carbon fibre and glass fibre composite core that has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Their high-capacity, high-efficiency, low-sag, patented and extensively tested ACCC® Conductor has a core so much lighter than steel that it can incorporate about 28 percent more aluminium in the same diameter without a weight penalty. The added aluminium content serves not only to carry more electrical current but it also reduces the electrical resistance of the wire, which serves to reduce transmission line losses. The composite core of CTC Global has been rigorously tested and certified, and produced to ASTM standards

  • 5

    Provides diagnostic software with advanced analytics for assessing and tracking the health of high-voltage electrical apparatus

  • 6

    GRID20/20, Inc. offers a World-Class OptaNODE(TM) Distribution Transformer Monitoring solution for the electricity utility space. The company enables electric utilities to optimize their distribution management practices and provides an accelerated ROI path. GRID20/20’s turnkey approach involves patented, versatile hardware and two separate analytics suite options. The company assists utilities throughout the globe to identify technical/non-technical losses, reduce distribution inefficiencies, and maximize reliability. The company is built upon four pillars of excellence: Honesty, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Respect. By applying these principles and combining them with a best-in-class solution, the company assists electric utility operators worldwide

  • 7

    RHM International utilizes innovative smart grid sensors to deploy effective measuring systems that allow remote monitoring of various metering and protection parameters with its superior grade Instrument Transformers and Bushings. The company offers smart monitoring capabilities in all its products, namely HV DryShield® for ITs and wall bushings and RIF® insulation systems for transformer bushings and cable terminals. It includes the option to use simple visual indicators that help notify concerned professionals about minute inconsistencies in the product several weeks before any serious damage occurs, and without any data processing

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    SmartMark Communications is a global strategic communications company that expands the horizons by providing end-to-end communications services, enhanced corporate strategy for technology vendors who sell to industry peers, and large energy companies educating consumers. The firm has an inherent understanding of how various communication tactics function to create solid messaging and market positioning. Its forte covers an array of functional areas such as design, web and application development, media and analyst relations, public affairs, community and government relations, crisis communications, strategic market positioning, and event production

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    Swampfox Technologies brings exceptional self-service and contact center solutions to the market to empower organizations to build intelligent customer experiences while reducing ongoing costs and simplifying operational complexity. Initially part of Avaya, the Swampfox team was instrumental in developing the award-winning Avaya Voice Portal and Avaya Experience Portal platforms (while at Avaya), which are widely utilized by many of the largest utility companies around the world. Today, as an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner, Swampfox offers robust products and solutions, through an on-premise or hosted SaaS model, to help large and mid-size utility customers deliver rich customer experiences

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    Grid4C is a company of energy providers and consumers by enabling the power to foresee, leveraging advanced Machine Learning capabilities to deliver accurate, granular predictions that are crucial for tackling the rising challenges of today's energy industry. Grid4C's plug-and-play solutions analyze the massive amounts of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters and IoT data, and together with customer data, and pricing information. The company delivers new revenue streams, enhances customer value, improves the efficiency of energy operations, and maximizes profit. Its portfolio consists of Predictive Home Advisor, including on-intrusive household appliance fault prediction and load disaggregation capabilities, Predictive Operational Analytics, enabling better decisions for coordination of distributed energy resources with meter, sub-meter, and asset-level forecasting