Top 20 Utilities Technology Solution Companies - 2016

Energy providers today are grappling with challenges of maintaining their ageing systems while catering to rising customer expectations. In the meantime, emerging trends such as distributed generation and Behind the Meter (BTM) on-site generation sources are having a greater impact on the landscape. This unrelenting pace of innovation in the utilities sector is dictating the requirement for solutions that augment efficient energy storage, mitigate the cybersecurity threats, and effectively reduce the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Meanwhile, the emergence of an increasingly decentralized and smarter power grid architecture, better known as the “Energy Cloud” is fast replacing the old infrastructure. Comprehensive solution providers that offer utility automation systems are keeping track of these new developments in the industry, and are introducing innovative solutions for real-time management and optimization of production, transport, and delivery for utilities. The presence of thousands of solution providers offering advanced data driven application technologies and smart grid communications make it quite toilsome for the CIOs to zero in on the best solution for their enterprises.

To help CIOs in navigating the utilities technology landscape, CIOReview is presenting to you a special edition on the utilities technology. In our selection we have evaluated the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of the utilities sector—both providers and consumers—through a wide array of solutions that support core business processes, including the integration of innovative technologies like big data, cloud and analytics.

In this edition of CIOReview, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2016.”

    Top 20 Utilities Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    Delivering relevant, secure, scalable and affordable enterprise grade product and services to utilities helping them achieve operational excellence and a high degree of customer satisfaction

  • 2

    A provider of solution that provides smart solutions for the utility industry to curb energy wastage and manage the lighting systems

  • 3

    Delivers cloud-based, pre-built mobile solutions for utilities

  • 4

    Enables companies to securely distribute statements, bills and other important documents to multiple online consumer channels such as bank websites, cloud storage providers and digital mailboxes

  • 5

    Delivers powerful, fully integrated web-based, customer information and billing solution with best of the breed functionality for regulated and deregulated energy markets

  • 6

    NKSoft help customers streamline their business processes, giving live customer and business analytics to manage their business effectively across entire business

  • 7

    Delivering comprehensive IoT-based asset tracking and material flow management solutions with their RFID and e-paper technologies

  • 8

    Delivers comprehensive security solutions to protect critical assets of the utility industry

  • 9

    Enables utilities to maximize the productivity of field based resources

  • 10

    An innovative dynamic grid optimization solutions company

  • 11

    A provider of a full range of asset management deployment services to support gas and electric utility customers

  • 12



    Offers cloud-based data consolidation and customer communications management solutions that enable utilities to deliver billing statements with features that help customers better understand their usage

  • 13



    Provider of hosted software solutions that allows utility service providers to offer prepaid utility services

  • 14



    ICONICS helps utilities to manage, monitor and control operations efficiently from one location.

  • 15

    NextAxiom Technology

    NextAxiom Technology

    Provides proven hyperService platform that powers business critical software solutions

  • 16

    On-Net Surveillance Systems

    On-Net Surveillance Systems

    Offers tools and integrations to manage and efficiently maintain the complex infrastructure of energy and utility environments

  • 17

    Open Systems International

    Open Systems International

    Supplier of open automation solutions for real-time management and optimization of complex production, transport and delivery networks

  • 18



    ProcessMAP helps companies proactively mitigate risk, improve employee health and safety, demonstrate environmental and social performance, and drive compliance

  • 19

    Space-Time Insight

    Space-Time Insight

    Delivers situational-intelligence applications for utilities that provide unprecedented 360-degree operational insight by correlating, analyzing and visualizing IT, OT and external data sources across network nodes

  • 20

    Synergis Software

    Synergis Software

    Delivers increased productivity and efficiency in daily operations, supports business strategy, and helps utilities thrive