Top 50 Utilities Technology Solution Companies - 2014

From smart meters to rooftop solar and energy storage, innovative technologies have the capacity to disrupt the utilities industry. After remaining reasonably un-bothered for the last 100 years, the lattice is in front of embracing new technologies that are sprouting new business models, altering consumer prospects and causing regulatory models to acclimatize.

The emerging technology solutions are reinventing the industry—automating and enhancing distribution grids, improving security and compliance efforts, and helping to harness meaningful information to keep costs down. With these advances, the industry can better serve their customers and grow the business.

Amidst this technology advances, the aging infrastructures, complex ecosystems, stricter regulations, and higher expectations set a challenging backdrop for energy and utilities. But connected technologies offer powerful opportunities to modernize operations while cutting costs and generating insights. Technology is enabling utilities to embrace new challenges and pursue new opportunities.

In the last few months we have looked at hundreds of solution providers who primarily serve the utilities sector, and shortlisted the ones that are at the fore-front of tackling challenges faced by the industry.

In our selection we have looked at vendor’s capability to fulfill the needs of utilities sector—both from a provider and consumer perspective—through variety of services that support core business processes, including innovation areas related to cloud, SaaS, Big Data and analytics.

We present you to CIOReview's 50 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solutions Providers 2014.

    Top 50 Utilities Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    A provider of energy trading and risk management software solutions

  • 2

    A provider of technology solutions that help companies in the utilities sector

  • 3

    Basis Technologies live and breathe SAP optimization. Every day, they work with businesses across the globe to help them get more performance out of their SAP systems

  • 4

    BRIDGE Energy Group is the leading consulting and systems integration solutions company focused on improving utility operational performance

  • 5

    A premier consulting and system integration firm focusing on asset, work, and supply chain management solutions

  • 6

    Provides cloud-based communications services to multiple sectors ranging from utilities to finance and travel

  • 7

    Copperleaf C55 is a unique Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) solution that provides investment decision support to help utilities decide where and when to invest in its infrastructure to maximize performance, minimize risk, and deliver the highest value to all their stakeholders

  • 8

    Providing an Enterprise to Field System (EFS) for utilities to Monitor, Control and Automate distribution, transmission and other Smart Grid devices on their system

  • 9

    A provider of enterprise-level GRC & Audit solutions software

  • 10

    Offers web-based enterprise-wide operational data management system (ODMS), primarily serving water utility and environmental fields

  • 11

    Offering specialized mobile, web and desktop based geospatial applications to utilities, government agencies and commercial organizations.

  • 12

    A company that develops software products and offers professional services for the utilities industry

  • 13

    Offers sophisticated financial, reliability, risk and least cost planning analytics software across the utility sector

  • 14

    iSIGMA delivers fully integrated hosted (SaaS) Customer Information and Billing solution with functionality for regulated and deregulated energy markets

  • 15

    A consulting firm that provides end-to-end business and IT consulting to companies in Retail Energy Industry

  • 16

    A company that provides both an integrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base; and Ready-to-Run applications to rapidly deliver great mobile apps

  • 17

    Provides energy management software to large commercial buildings, industrial manufacturers, universities and other segments

  • 18

    Provides a high-performance database system for extremely fast analysis of large scale volumes of streaming real-time and historical data.

  • 19

    A company that offers rugged tablet-based solutions,which consistently reduce operational expenses, improve customer service levels, and enable real-time decision making at the point-of-service

  • 20

    Helps asset-intensive companies reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve safety and reliability through MRO analytics and value services.

  • 21

    A supplier of advanced technology and management solutions for the utilities and telecommunications sectors

  • 22

    A provider of solutions that help asset-intensive organizations optimize their outage and on-line work management business processes.

  • 23

    Providing energy market participants with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics solutions that help leverage granular end-use data to support operational decision management.

  • 24

    Smart Energy Water (SEW) is a business solution company focused on delivering optimized digital platform solutions for Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce, and Smart Analytics to the Energy and Utility clients.

  • 25

    Optimizes the value of renewable energy by leveraging the practical advantages of distributed generation, storage, and software-as-a-service.

  • 26

    A company that provides end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP applications.

  • 27

    A provider of industry-specific solutions that improve field operational efficiency and productivity for utilities.

  • 28

    Helps energy providers empower consumers and improve energy efficiency, reliability, and integrate renewable and distributed energy resources.

  • 29

    A global integration services, products and consultancy organization with a specific focus on the energy and utilities Industry.

  • 30

    Virdata is an IoT Cloud that connects, manages & monitors any type of device or application while collecting & analyzing large amounts of data in real-time.

  • 31

    Blackline Gps

    Blackline Gps

    Assisting companies across the globe to help them get more performance out of their SAP systems.

  • 32

    Clear Creek Networks

    Clear Creek Networks

    A company that is focused on improving utility operational performance.

  • 33

    Corinex Communications Corp.

    Corinex Communications Corp.

    A company that offer a broad range of products and services for utilities, leveraging existing energy infrastructure to implement comprehensive, scalable end-to-end AMI solutions.

  • 34



    FATHOM is an integrated suite of advanced technology products developed for utilities to bring heightened efficiencies in operations.

  • 35



    Provider of fully-automated, targeted cross-marketing solution for energy efficiency programs.

  • 36

    Freewave Technologies

    Freewave Technologies

    A B2B company providing wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions that deliver reliable access to data.

  • 37



    Fusionex is software group that specializes in Analytics and Big Data.

  • 38

    Geospatial Corporation

    Geospatial Corporation

    Geospatial offers unique pipeline mapping and management solutions for the oil and gas, electrical, municipal and telecommunication industries.

  • 39

    Loris Technologies

    Loris Technologies

    The FileNexus Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source.

  • 40

    PE International AG

    PE International AG

    PE International is the global leader in integrated product and enterprise sustainability performance with proven software solutions, sustainability databases and unparalleled consulting expertise.

  • 41

    SISCO, Inc.

    SISCO, Inc.

    SISCO offers real-time communications and application integration products and services that are used world- wide in many industries by leading OEMs, system integrators, and end users.

  • 42

    Spida Software

    Spida Software

    A company that possesses a unique blend of expertise and efficiency in the software and utility industries.

  • 43



    An IT Consulting Firm that delivers solutions for a multitude of industries ranging from financial services, transportation and retail to healthcare.

  • 44

    The Principal Consulting

    The Principal Consulting

    Providing expert consulting for SAP Customers, partners with companies embarking on hundreds of different SAP projects including CRM, BI, Business Objects, Mobility, NetWeaver, MDM and more.

  • 45

    Tollgrade Communications

    Tollgrade Communications

    Providing cutting-edge network assurance solutions

  • 46



    A technology platform company that works with organizations to create a mobile web and multichannel presence.

  • 47

    Util-Assist, Inc.

    Util-Assist, Inc.

    Provider of smart grid portfolios services and developer of cost-effective smart grid applications.

  • 48

    Versify Solutions

    Versify Solutions

    Provider of analytical and performance management solutions for the Energy and Utility industry.

  • 49

    Vertex Business Services

    Vertex Business Services

    Delivers a complete portfolio of transformational BPO, IT and professional services developed solely to meet utilities industry challenges.

  • 50



    Provider of cutting-edge billing and accounting solutions.