Sitetracker- Embracing Disruption: Sitetracker Transforms Project Management

Giuseppe Incitti, CEO
With flat or decreasing load growth, coupled with technological challenges such as distributed energy resources (DER) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), utility CIOs are recognizing that old processes and technologies are unable to meet the demands of tomorrow’s grid.

Specifically, project managers— armed only with antiquated tools or hacked solutions—are struggling to cope with the explosive growth in the sheer number of projects they must manage. Managing up to 1000x more projects and assets in old tools or home-grown systems simply isn’t feasible. That makes accurate reporting, let alone forecasting, virtually impossible. Consequently, project timelines slip, money is wasted, revenue is lost, and regulators and shareholders are baffled. Recognizing these challenges, Palo Alto-based Sitetracker launched to empower project managers and enable the next generation of project and asset management.

Sitetracker services innovative industry titans like Verizon, Google, Nokia, and Panasonic. The company empowers their 12,000+ users with the only full lifecycle project management platform designed to help them plan, deploy, and grow their business.

“With Sitetracker, our customers finally have a single source of truth that contains all project and asset management-related information, including project financials, supporting documentation, and a full audit trail,” says Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO.

With three offices nationwide and customers worldwide, the platform gives an unparalleled level of visibility to project managers by focusing on end-user productivity. “By providing best of breed functionality to our customers, not only does everyone use Sitetracker, but the fruits of their labor are reported live, increasing accountability and increasing the probability of projects coming in on time and under budget by 3x,” said Incitti.

The level of granularity, regulatory-grade reporting and analytics, and out-of-the-box controls that the platform provides are some of the primary reasons why 92 percent of customers use Sitetracker daily.

We’re helping our partners build the future, faster

The platform enables tighter collaboration across the full lifecycle of projects, meaning that multiple stakeholders benefit from Sitetracker, from being able to analyze various locations to select the right place for deployment to resource planning and forecasting for new projects and maintenance.

Updating tasks and generating reports only takes a few clicks. Highly customizable “intelligent project templates” and out-of-the-box reporting are delivered seamlessly to all users. Administrator controls, auditing functions, permission and write settings as well as scheduled backups all protect against mistakes and malfeasance.

Sitetracker’s native mobile application, helps project managers and field workers close out tasks and projects in real time. With full asset history available in the field and a link to project managers back in the office, traditional delays are a thing of the past and now teams are finding it easier than ever to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

“By gaining a global view of data, project managers and executives alike can efficiently track project progress and improve the bottom line,” remarks Incitti. Indeed, Sitetracker is receiving a lot of interest from CIOs and front-line staff alike. “It’s a win-win-win,” Incitti continues. “Technology implementation is fast and easy, executives get better insights, and project managers have fewer late nights fighting spreadsheets and antiquated tools.”

The company is only picking up speed. It is investing heavily in its machine learning to support forecasting capabilities allowing its customers to better allocate resources. “Our customers are our partners,” Incitti said. “They’re working hard every day to build the infrastructure of tomorrow, yet too many were held back because they were stuck with tools from the past. By building the Sitetracker platform, we’re helping our partners build the future, faster.”


Palo Alto, CA

Giuseppe Incitti, CEO and Brett Chester, VP Marketing

Built by industry experts, Sitetracker is the world’s first complete full-lifecycle project management platform, enabling innovators to plan effectively, deploy efficiently, and grow both the use and valuation of their portfolios