Cogsdale: Integrated ERP Implementations for Utility Companies

Todd Ramsey, VP, Sales and Marketing
New technologies are disrupting traditional practices in the utility space. Organizations are beginning to understand how these innovations can improve workflows and automate numerous processes. Many utility companies continue to manage various operations through individual modules or applications due to the lack of an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. With an experience of over 20 years in the industry, Cogsdale streamlines such practices by offering a complete data-driven solution, deployed on the cloud. The Cogsdale solution comprises Customer Information Systems (CIS), Work and Asset Management (WAM), as well as a full Financial Information System (FIS). “We empower organizations to be self-sufficient by transforming their workflows and integrating standalone systems into a centralized hub, thereby providing valuable insights across the entire utility enterprise,” adds Todd Ramsey, VP, Sales and Marketing at Cogsdale.

Cogsdale provides insights across the enterprise, gathering information through a powerful set of reporting tools that provide outputs in specific formats. Cogsdale enables its customers to “de-risk” their existing technology through integrations to financial management, asset management, information management, and others. The Cogsdale solution leverages customer service functionalities as well as a comprehensive billing engine to calculate everything from utility consumption data to metered services. The solution provides billing functionality for electricity, water, sewer, gas, and many other utility services. Cogsdale WAM aggregates fixed assets and inventory for preventive and maintenance activities by providing real-time access to information. The solution capitalizes assets and creates work orders from various resources homogenously.

The ERP suite, which derives its efficiency from Microsoft Dynamics GP, delivers a holistic perspective by compiling information from the field of operation through the engineering lifecycle. The deployment technique follows Microsoft’s Sure Step Methodology, as well as best practices from Project Management Institute (PMI).

We envision transforming our entire customer base to the cloud. They will have access to multiple utility offerings, without the hindrance of a capital expenditure

This approach is bolstered by the unique skill sets of the Cogsdale team. One factor that sets them apart from other service providers is the company’s Software Maintenance Program, which includes free license upgrades.

As a tornado bore down upon the City, one of Cogsdale’s clients took proactive steps to assist their customers in the stricken area. The City used Cogsdale’s GLM solution to identify customers in the tornado-damaged area. The identified accounts were flagged to prevent any late fees, penalties, or reconnection charges from being levied against the accounts. By taking this action, the City ensured their customers has one less thing to worry about while dealing with repairing their homes and neighborhoods.

“Cogsdale was pleased to have been in the audience at CSWeek 2017 as we watched the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) take the honor of ‘CIS Implementation of the Year’. We are proud to have partnered with SWBNO for their project and that they chose Cogsdale as the vendor for the new CIS.” Cogsdale has been the preferred partner of Hometown Connections in the electrical utility sector for ten years. They have also been named Microsoft Partner of the Year multiple times. “We envision transforming our entire customer base to the cloud. They will have access to multiple utility offerings, without the hindrance of a capital expenditure,” concludes Ramsey.


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Todd Ramsey, VP, Sales and Marketing

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