Inlet: Quick, Efficient, and Secure Digital Document Delivery

Chuck Cordray, CEO
Organizations in the modern day continue to communicate with their customers through traditional ways such as emails and postal mail. With advancements in technology, consumers have begun using a string of various digital communication channels, and businesses want to use these new options to better engage with their customers. But how do these firms decide which digital channels to support? That’s where New York-based Inlet comes into the picture. A joint venture between Pitney Bowes and Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inlet is a technology platform that enables enterprises to digitally send customers important documents like bills and statements through online channels they already know and trust—like their bank’s bill pay service and popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Amazon Drive. “Consumerization of technology has really been an underlying trend we’ve looked at in our approach—analyzing the desired manner and destination of receiving bills and statements,” begins Chuck Cordray, CEO, Inlet. “Our product is really built around that trend of consumer driven technological change which supports business needs too.”

Inlet is a secure, digital document delivery platform that streamlines access to an ever-expanding digital ecosystem, which includes more than 4,000 banking and credit union bill payment sites. The company also manages all possible complexities to ensure compliance and connectivity. “Inlet offers value-added services that make documents secure and more valuable, enhance the brand and customer experience, and provide actionable insights to drive more effective communications,” says Cordray.

The company captures and manages user preferences, consents, and communicates them to their clients’ systems so that their files remain sorted and in-sync—all through Inlet’s simple and single integration. Inlet offers flexible implementation through industry-standard APIs, or custom integration based on the clients’ needs.

The company also lets enterprises take their marketing campaigns to their customers.“Inlet gives its clients’ customers the security and extensive accessibility of their most important documents and gives them new reasons to turn off the paper.”

By connecting to Inlet, businesses can start saving on postage, customer support and payments, and forge a stronger customer relationship

Inlet uses a layered security approach to ensure that customer data and communications remain secure, in transit, and at rest, within Inlet’s digital content delivery ecosystem. Communication is secured using encryption; additionally data access requires multi-factored authentication. Inlet’s technology platform also uses dedicated instances within a Virtual Private Cloud provided by Inlet’s cloud technology partner Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS uses robust security controls, data protection, and governance focused features. Inlet’s unified compliance framework promotes a secure and effective risk managed digital content delivery ecosystem.

Inlet is giving companies new ways to increase paperless adoption while revolutionizing the payment and support channels. Due to a digital approach, the company also generates valuable data-driven insights that help in portraying important consumer trends and behavior. “By connecting to Inlet, businesses can start saving on postage, customer support and payments, and forge a stronger digital relationship with their customers,” says Cordray. Organizations such as utilities don’t have to make the difficult decision of which online channels to support or have to put innovation on the back burner due to a lack of resources.

Inlet enables brands to communicate with their customers better and keep up with innovation and expanding their multi-channel strategy without having to deal with the challenges of securing internal resources,” says Cordray. From a geographical expansion perspective, Inlet will continue to focus on the U.S. market. “But, as we look forward to more technological innovations coming this year, we're excited to see this footprint continue to expand in terms of new and emerging channels offered within our ecosystem,” concludes Cordray.


New York, NY

Chuck Cordray, CEO

Enables companies to securely distribute statements, bills and other important documents to multiple online consumer channels such as bank websites, cloud storage providers and digital mailboxes