Synergis Software: Creating a Reliable Network with Document Management and Workflow Automation

Scott Lamond, VP, Marketing & Business Development
The utility industry is undergoing a significant transformation — from ongoing environmental sensitivity, changing regulations to increasing consumer expectations. The tumbling renewable prices and the proliferation of distributed energy resources are taking hold faster than expected. “In such a scenario, a minor error in drawing content or inaccurate data could place a firm in jeopardy, resulting in duplicate files, loss of intellectual property, and compliance issues,” begins Scott Lamond, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Synergis Software. To curb these challenges, communications and networking technologies are strikingly improving the production and distributionof energy—ultimately providing organizations the ability to monitor and manage data-intensive processes efficiently. At the forefront of this transformation is Synergis Software, a firm that develops engineering document management and workflow solutions that enables organizations to effectively leverage business and design content across the enterprise. “At Synergis,we ensure timely access of information—drawings, documents, and the data that keep the systems up and running,” he adds.

With an industry presence of more than three decades, Synergis Software helps organizations get documents under control, and maintain integrity of the information in an automated way. The company’s flagship product, Synergis Adept Engineering Data and Document Management helps utilities companies rise above the chaos of managing complex engineering information across the utility sector. “We provide a central repository for all their engineering data, enabling an easy transition for enterprises to find the right version of a drawing quickly and easily,” says Lamond. It supports knowledge capture in a single repository with a single user interface, ensuring a single version of accurate data so that client could see the latest version of the data every time. “Our system also captures the ‘tribal knowledge’ possessed by the individuals and makes it available for others in need of it.”

“We provide document security, granular control over document access, protection of intellectual property so that clients can decide who has what access to which document in the systems,” asserts Lamond.

We ensure companies timely access of information— drawings, documents, and the data that keep the systems up and running

Adept delivers collaboration across departments and gives non-CAD users a way to markup, compare engineering drawings without a native application. “We automate manual processes with workflow and manage the complex 2D and 3D CAD files interrelationships of widely used CAD applications, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, MicroStation, and SOLIDWORKS.

Lamond believes that Synergis’ unique team of people, culture and unmatched expertise in the area of engineering document management sets it ahead ofthe competition. The company focuses on innovation and delivering complex requirements in an easy and accessible way. For instance, South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G), Fortune 500 energy based holding company was facing challenges controlling paper-based design and lacked an efficient process to find and manage their drawing information. After implementing Adept and leveraging its powerful search capabilities, the company was able to increase its productivity tenfold and has experienced a positive impact on their workflow processes. More importantly however, is Adept’s contribution to the overall quality it brings to the organization. Stakeholders are assured of the quality and reliability of the information with which they are working.

Forging ahead, Synergis aims to expand its global presence and enhance its offering in business systems integration and web-based applications. “Our next product release will include new technolo-gies that will deliver greater scalability and easier ways to interoperate with other business system,” says Lamond.

Synergis Software

Quakertown, PA

Scott Lamond, VP, Marketing & Business Development

Develops engineering document management and workflow solutions that enable organizations to effectively leverage business and design content across the enterprise