ServicePower: Mobile Workforce Management Technology is Key to Productivity in the Utility Field Operations

Marne Martin, CEO
Utilities used to be safe and protected, with monopoly being the name of the game. Today however, deregulation means that the industry is undergoing massive change, everything is in flux.

There’s regulatory compliance, increasing demand, price volatility, changing customer expectations, and emerging competition. To address all of these challenges utilities must provide a robust and reliable service - key to this is effective maintenance of infrastructure. Of course, this is an extremely complex process which includes thousands of (often aging) assets spread across thousands of miles, managed by thousands of people who have varying levels of skills. It is impossible for the human mind to factor the schedule in a timely manner and optimally deploy the resources needed to satisfy the deregulated market.

It is in fact technology, and in particular mobile workforce management software solutions like that offered by ServicePower, which can simplify this complexity and meet the needs of the free market at the lowest cost.

ServicePower’s integrated mobile workforce management software enhances productivity, ensures compliance, lowers costs, support emerging Smart technologies, and expedites catastrophic restoration, while providing the mobile technology and analytics necessary to continuously improve operations.

Higher Productivity, Lower Costs, Satisfied Customers

With demand expected to jump 40 percent by 2020, utilities must maximize field and plant resources. ServicePower’s mobile workforce management software platform helps utilities do this by providing intelligent optimized routing of field and plant based sources, improving productivity and efficiency. “Our Service Scheduling engine selects the best resources for each job while optimizing the route and parts required, ensuring the best, but least costly schedule. As our newly patented algorithm, Quantum Annealing when integrated with ServiceScheduling, will provide more efficient optimization than ever.” said ServicePower CEO, Marne Martin.

Cutting edge mobile dispatch technology provides functionality which can be easily configured to not only deliver schedules and mobile status updates, but also support mobile time sheets and regulatory, union and corporate policies. ServicePower also enables utilities to intelligently dispatch third party contractors during storms or emergency events, to ensure restoration of services as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost.
Customers can expect more reliable services because information and collaboration is made possible in the field using mobile or wearable devices so that repairs and maintenance occur smoothly and quickly.

Integrated IoT and M2M data from connected infrastructure also enable utilities to proactively monitor equipment and proactively dispatch maintenance crews before outages occur, eliminating asset downtime.

Operational Improvement

ServicePower’s mobile workforce man¬agement software also supports the industry’s unique crew, multi-day and SLA work. Centralization of dispatch, improved visibility of work being performed, accurate field communications, immediate data collection, and real time operational analytics provide the utilities sector with the visibility to action immediate and longer-term operational improvements, which improve customer satisfaction and deliver shareholder value.

Improved Customer Experience

“The key is to find a ‘platform’ technology so that activity is visible and actionable across the field, from completing work order management, forecasting, intelligent scheduling and parts optimization, to viewing asset performance and third party contractor activity, duplication of effort is eliminated and business processes become far more efficient,” said Martin.

With ServicePower, utilities can expect a ‘cockpit like’ management console, the industry’s newest optimization algorithm in decades, and the ability to continuously tune the engine to adjust to real time conditions.They can create unique businesses processes which achieve daily goals, as well as deploy immediate changes in operations required by storms and catastrophic response, providing un-matched oversight of operations.

Martin concluded, “Our global client base expects continuous improvement of our mobile workforce management platform. Through continuous innovation ServicePower is delivering the robust, intelligent optimization, mobile technology, third party dispatch and operational intelligence required by modern utility organizations to adapt to the deregulated market with the best, least costly services.”


Santa Ana, CA

Marne Martin, CEO

Provides field service organizations with innovative, effective mobile workforce management solutions to help them lower costs while providing the best customer service possible and influencing the changing technological landscape

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