Omni-ID: Ensuring End-to-end Asset Visibility Throughout The Supply Chain

George E. Daddis, Jr. President & CEO
For many utilities, the lack of complete end-to-end process visibility is a common problem. From vast laydown yards in the oil and gas industry to the multiple geographies served by telephone and electric utilities, the ability to accurately track the location and availability of assets, along with maintaining maintenance records for compliance is a challenge. Omni-ID is helping companies meet this challenge through the use of in¬telligent auto-identification solutions powered by the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Omni-ID has been providing solutions and customizing products for customers in the utilities industry around the globe over the years. With a customer-centric focus, Omni-ID deploys field teams to work directly with a facility’s staff or integration vendor to custom design a solution that achieves their business goals—whether it is the need for asset tracking, improving workflow efficiency or a combination of both.

What sets Omni-ID apart in the enterprise asset management marketplace is the company’s ability to provide customers with a full service solution that includes both hardware and a thin software client software. It can be simply integrated with a utility’s existing systems, eliminating downtime during integration and providing with an economical solution that can easily scale with their business require-ments.

“Tracking drilling pipes from on shore to off shore locations versus tracking utility poles used by power companies requires a different set of tags and work requirements,” states Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID. The solution can quickly deliver a product according to a customer's need along with the ability to easily expand for future growth. “By working intimately with our customers, we ensure their complete solution, from tags to readers to software, which is built specifically for them,” he adds.

By affixing RFID tags, companies can create ‘smart’ assets with the real-time visibility

From passive and active RFID tags that are designed to operate in a number of challenging en-vironmental conditions, with a variety of form factors and encasement options, the company’s products have been developed for use in some of the harshest environmental conditions. From temperature extremes to corrosive materials and explosive atmosphere, the company uniquely offers a wide range of both active and passive tags that are certified for use in hazardous environments. “Compliance and safety are two vital concerns for utilities companies and each is impaired by the lack of asset visibility throughout the supply chain,” said Nabrotzky. “By affixing RFID tags, companies can create ‘smart’ assets with the real-time visibility. The assets and equipment can also provide valuable feedback about required maintenance, which is critical to maintain compliance and proper certifica-tions.”

Omni-ID’s auto-identification solutions for utilities are used to proactively track and manage assets, organize purchase orders, inspection/maintenance cycles, and certifications—all without paper and are hands free for employee safety. With a vast catalog of products to fit a variety of utility applications including specialty tags for pipes, casings, utility poles, and safety equipment, the company’s products also ensure utility product authenticity through anti-counterfeit programs.

From innovative products to customized IoT solutions, Omni-ID’s impressive record of achievement is poised for a bright future.


Rochester, NY

George E. Daddis, Jr. President & CEO

Supplier of passive low-profile UHF RFID tags and visual tagging system

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