Trilliant: Powering Smart Grid Networks

Andy White, Chairman & CEO
“It’s estimated that the smart grids in the U.S. alone can achieve energy efficiency savings between 60-200 billion kilowatt hours, reducing between 100-200 million tons of CO2-equivalent emissions,” said a study by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). “That is roughly equivalent to taking 1-2 million cars off the road for a year,” says Andy White, Chairman and CEO, Trilliant. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Trilliant helps utilities and energy retailers globally achieve their smart grid visions by providing proven and industry-leading smart grid software and communications solutions.

In the evolving energy sector, CIOs and CTOs of leading utilities are faced with new 21st century challenges and need to modernize their aging energy infrastructure to better manage peak demands; improve energy efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction; integrate more intermittent renewable and distributed energy resources into the grid; and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also need to continue to pro- vide consumers with safe, reliable and affordable energy. “Utilities are faced with daunting technical complexities to unify the disparate information from their many systems. The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform— proven and purpose-built for the utility industry, can integrate these siloed systems into a unified whole,” says White. Trilliant helps utilities successfully deploy a broad set of smart grid initiatives that include Smart Distribution, Smart Metering and Smart Consumer applications.

The Trilliant’s approach is to truly partner with utilities to understand their needs and leverage the company’s multi-technology, multi-purpose, multi-application platform, to fulfill a rich set of requirements that helps utilities meet broader business cases.“Trilliant plays a significant role in providing utilities with the simplicity of one platform that offers the flexibility of multiple technologies to provide a low-risk and future-proof path towards the smart grid,” says Ryan Gerbrandt, Senior Vice President, Customer Services.

“Our platform is built on technology and processes. It consists of three components - a network communication component that is multi-technology and multi-purpose; a software component that manages all of the devices in the network; and a professional services component that helps utilities deploy smart grids successfully,” says Sonita Lontoh, Head of Corporate Marketing.

We help utilities and energy retailers deliver the benefits of the smart grids

There are many benefits of smart grids. For instance, distribution automation applications can help utilities reduce blackouts and outages. According to EPRI, outages in the U.S. alone can cost the economy $180 billion per year. “Even a ten percent reduction in outages will contribute about $18 billion to the economy and the smart grid has the potential to reduce much more than that,” reveals Sonita.

Trilliant is truly a global company, with a diverse set of customers and presence in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. “A key component of our internal strategy is to maintain a high level of knowledge sharing through collaborations,” adds White. He says, “It’s about collaborating on lessons learned and best practices, with the goal of continuing to deliver excellence to our customers.

” Trilliant has helped leading utilities and energy retailers globally, who collectively serve more than 85 million customers, deliver the benefits of smart grids to their customers, their operations, their societies and the environment. Some of Trilliant’s leading utility customers include Iberdrola USA’s Central Maine Power in the US, Centrica’s British Gas in the UK, Hydro One Networks in Canada and many more.

Trilliant continues to strengthen its platform with enhancements that will in- crease its capabilities to deliver benefits for its utility customers. “We also continue to strengthen our relationships with a broad ecosystem of platform’s partners to provide utilities with the most flexibility and options to choose the best-of-breed application they need to achieve their smart grid objectives, today and in the future,” says White.


Redwood City, CA

Andy White, Chairman & CEO and Ryan Gerbrandt, Senior Vice President, Customer Services Sonita Lontoh, Head of Corporate Marketing

Helps energy providers empower consumers and improve energy efficiency, reliability, and integrate renewable and distributed energy resources.