Tensing: Creating a Single Source of Truth in Utilities

Martin Knook, CEO
Tenzing Norgay, the second man to scale the mighty Everest, once said, “It doesn’t matter who is the first person to set foot on the top, as long as we reached together.” Tensing, a company from Rockville, MD that truly symbolizes the philosophy of its namesake, is carrying this legacy forward by working with clients and making sure that they achieve the goals together regardless of the challenges.

The most common pain points in a utility include data inaccuracies in both the field and back office. “Without a single source of truth, it is common that a technician will return to the same job site multiple times as they do not have the right tools or information to complete the task in one trip,” affirms Martin Knook, CEO, Tensing. This not only adds additional fuel and vehicle expenses, but takes the technician away from other crucial jobs, and puts the asset at risk for further damage. However, Tensing’s Integrated Workforce Management Suite (IWMS) puts all information in a centralized dataset and into the hands of field workers on a portable device, thus the same set of information is displayed in both places (field and office) creating a single source of truth. The suite also supports multiple processes from a single application. “Whether it is vegetation management, streetlight repair, or general maintenance, using IWMS all technicians will complete their work from the same platform, creating consistency throughout the organization,” reveals Knook.

IWMS is a modularized solution. It is fully operational on-and-offline; vital data is stored on the client device to make work accessible without an internet connection. Once a connection is restored, data will begin to flow without human intervention between field and office. “Your enterprise data is your most valuable asset and represents a significant investment. IWMS allows your mobile workforce to leverage that information by supporting communications between the back office and operations center in real-time,” explains Knook.

By eliminating paper work orders in the field, IWMS helps utilities reduce data errors and ensure data integrity for enterprise systems.
“Using IWMS, you can schedule the proper crew member with the right tools and skill sets for a certain job, and use ‘smart navigation’ to generate the most efficient path through a day’s work,” notes Knook. For an elaborate understanding consider the case involving, a public utility holding located in the U.S. With over 160 mobile field workers, the client needed a cost-effective way to more efficiently distribute facilities data to its field crews to better perform their jobs, and Tensing came to their rescue. A GIS Subject Matter Expert at the utility says, “Tensing’s mobile tool is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution. The ability to view our network in the field has saved us time and costs compared to providing microfiche in the field. It has also maximized our effort towards a digital mobile environment,” he adds.

Tensing allows your mobile workforce to leverage information by supporting communications between the back office and operations center in real-time

Going forward, Tensing aims to go a step beyond by working with the utility companies, taking into consideration custom requests to make the application better suited for the appropriate jobs, workers and business needs. The company sees traction within utilities that are focused on customer satisfaction, efficient operations and maintaining a safe working environment. Compliance with industry regulations is becoming increasingly important and the company plans to tap into these prospects. “Building a ‘Plug and Play’ Mobility platform that delivers outstanding quality with best-in-class technology is the ambition that drives Tensing’s investments. That ambition continues to motivate us forever,” concludes Knook.


Rockville, MD

Martin Knook, CEO

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