Smart Energy Water: Smart Software Solutions to Keep Customers Connected

Deepak Garg, Chairman & CEO
The utility industry is currently undergoing a major trans- formation—driven by a number of economic, regulatory, and technology factors—that are changing the underly- ing delivery and operating model of the industry. “In order to address climatic changes, energy independence, and issues in customer service, while maintaining low costs, Smart Energy Water (SEW) came into being,” says Deepak Garg, Chairman and CEO of Smart Energy Water.

“Customers today are asking for the most cutting-edge technology available to engage with utilities as all want fast and reliable information at their fingertips. The clients want the option of personalization and ability to connect in their day-to-day life as they do with their other service providers such as banks and retailers,” adds Garg. At SEW mobile, cloud based technologies are utilized to develop configurable solutions that can be deployed quickly with low upfront cost and lower integration risks. These solutions help the clients have consistent information on their palms.

SEW offers an integrated customer engagement platform to help utilities communicate with their customers in real-time and a demand response module to reduce peak load from residential and C&I customers through stipulated answer events and pro- grams to name a new benefits. “With this solution, we have taken multi-million dollar costs out of utility’s customer technology budgets while reducing the complexity, minimizing risk, and bringing down time of implementation process to just a few weeks. Our solutions are innovative, as we always stay one step ahead of the market in offering functionality and ease-of-use. We offer much more functionalities than our competitors and all our solutions are fully configurable which to the customers’ desire for personalization,” adds Garg.

Utilities are looking to engage and increase customer satisfaction by offering their customers convenience and control to access their data anytime, anywhere and on any device (phone, tablet, computer)—all while keeping things simple and user-friendly. SEW offers solutions like Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) plat- form, which provides real real-time two-way communication between utilities and their resulting customers in better customer service and satisfaction along with operational efficiency.
Another solution, Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®) helps to simplify the daily work processes of today’s mobile worker and adapt to an interconnected, technology-enabled, collaborative, safe, and productive work environment. Further- more, Smart Analytics + Big Data (SAB™) focus on transforming utility data into actionable insight.

SEW clientele ranges from small municipalities and co-operatives to some of the largest Utility and Energy companies across U.S. For instance consider the case involving a major utility company which provides their customers the ability to pay multiple bills through a single account. Using SEW’s SCM® solution, the client not only brought significant improvement in customer satisfaction, but the utility was able to save millions of dollars in operational costs due to automation. In another example, deployment of the Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®) solution at a large Western Utility was rated the highest by the client due to seamless user adoption. The utility personnel involved in the deployment liked the solution so much that it became a wave to self-adoption inside the utility with employees wanting to opt into the program. This drove great efficiency, savings, and safety for their mobile workforce.

We utilize mobile and cloud based technologies to develop and deploy configurable solutions with low upfront cost and lower integration risks

SEW innovates and enhances their solutions based on what is going on in the market such as De- mand Response and Solar Integration. Garg believes that innovation in Big Data, mobility, and operational technology areas is happening at unprecedented pace and this throws up unlimited opportunity for SEW to develop digital customer strategy and deploy advanced solutions that can solve real-life business problems in simple and intuitive manner.

Smart Energy Water

Irvine, CA

Deepak Garg, Chairman & CEO

Smart Energy Water (SEW) is a business solution company focused on delivering optimized digital platform solutions for Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce, and Smart Analytics to the Energy and Utility clients.