iSIGMA: Trusted Customer Care & Billing Solutions for Energy Marketers and Utilities

Nag Ramachandran, CEO
With years of industry knowledge and expertise, iSIGMA’s exceptional customer care and billing solutions handles every aspect of customer information such as, service orders, meter reads, rating, billing and more in the deregulated energy markets. It also incorporates associated functions such as payment processing, collections, customer notifications. Field service and meter management are available for utilities who use iSIGMA’s solutions in the regulated or deregulated energy markets.

Helping Retailers Win Customers in a Fiercely Competitive Environment

In this fiercely competitive market, customers loyalty shift to- wards the best services at a given price point. Hence the retailers should develop a good customer relationship by not only giving them information about their consumption, but also by offering good deals. The CC&B solutions of iSIGMA looks into the customer database and formulates tailored offers and promotions to keep them enticed.

For referral programs, the system can track agents or customer referrals, record their number of referrals and pay them the commission at the end of the month. In addition, the analytics and reporting feature of the solution records the number of new customers gained by the client for a particular day and help design programs to keep them engaged.

Engineering the Prospect to Cash Phenomena

In a regulated market the customers are left with no option but to buy electricity from local utility. It is a simple meter to cash model where consumer uses the power and pays for it and the utility body need not go in search to get more customers.
But in case of deregulated market, it is completely a different scenario. There are more than one player who are trying to woo the customer. iSIGMA’s CC&B solution consolidates all the data and uses the collected data to offer promotional products to a target set of customers.

When the customer calls in, iSIGMA’s solution provides a real-time interface to customer care professionals to serve them from prospecting to payment acceptance. iSIGMA facilitates self-ser- vice portals that allow a prospect to go through the enrollment process, and a customer to access their account, view current and previous bills, review usage histories, and make payments.

Helping Clients Save Loads of Money

An electric retailer that was losing a lot of money due to the in- efficient billing system approached iSIGMA for a solution. The client was not able to incorporate the hike in rates into the billing that lead to monetary losses. Their inability to track losses on the monthly basis lead them to lose a million dollars per quarter. iSIGMA noticed that the rates were changing between two billing periods and loss was not being captured by the existing billing system. iSIGMA’s solution was able to capture the incremental amount and show it as a line item in the bill—saving the retailer loads of money.

Future Looks Bright for iSIGMA

iSIGMA incorporates the latest technologies such as Mobility and Big Data. Using Big Data, iSIGMA helps customers make smart decisions and adjust their power consumption by voluntarily shifting to different plans. iSIGMA also provides retailers an extraordinarily detailed view of their customers usage by interval. This can help them gain competitive advantages by properly shaping the wholesale power purchases, rate design and pricing.


Norcross, GA

Nag Ramachandran, CEO

iSIGMA delivers fully integrated hosted (SaaS) Customer Information and Billing solution with functionality for regulated and deregulated energy markets