Integral Analytics: Mitigating Complex Risk and Security Concerns with Advanced Analysis

Tom Osterhus, CEO
It is no secret that data is the new currency of business, but its ‘unrelenting’ growth is not helping the modern CIO. Being an industry veteran well versed with data analytics, Tom Osterhus guides Integral Analytics in providing solutions to mitigate the risks caused by this exponential growth of data. Integral Analytics performs sophisticated financial and cost-centric analytics across the utility sector so as to optimize resource cost effectiveness across both the sup- ply side and grid side. “This assists our clients in mitigating financial risk and reliability risk, and tease apart the perils of siloed investments across the various utility departments,” says Tom Osterhus, CEO, Integral Analytics.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the company is an analytical software provider, primarily focused on the operational, planning and marketing research solutions for the multi-tier energy industry. Integral’s solutions allow the clients to identify optimal combinations and impacts on financial value by integrating smart software technology into their business infrastructure. Integral Analytics’ cost-centered approach guides utilities and vendors to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Osterhus asserts, “Our software forecasts and optimizes the planning and cost savings from the combinations of re- sources with a joint focus on both the grid and the supply at the same time.” The company’s ground breaking solution, their LoadSEER platform, provides comprehensive acre-level geo-spatial fore- casting solutions used for not only trans- mission and distribution planning, but for more granular and optimized location of solar, storage, demand response and other demand-side management (DSM) measures. It integrates a utility’s planning silos and data sources, to provide distribution planners, marketers, and supply planners with a more integrative toolset.
Another solution, IDROP, is confided to optimize the mathematical maximum of cost savings for their clients through optimal combinations of resources, assets and load reductions. Alongside, the firm renders a unique software tool, Demand Side Management Option Risk Evaluator (DSMore)–a financial analysis tool used in over 30 States, to evaluate the costs, benefits, and risks of demand side management programs, solar, storage, voltage savings and other programs.

Our software forecasts and optimizes the location and cost savings from combinations of micro level energy resources across both supply and the grid, at the same time

One of Integral Analytics’ clients, Pacific Gas & Electric, appreciated the company’s sophistication for assisting them to overcome economic and capacity risks that surpassed their existing processes, and enabled to additional integration of value and risks emerging from the advance of micro grids, solar, DG, EV and the Smart Grid push which was making the job of the distribution planner increasingly complex. Integral Analytics addressed the scenario and deployed its LoadSEER solution into the client’s business matrix that modulated the overall planning system with much more accurate acre-level granularity, comprehensive statistical forecasting algorithms, and powerful GIS engines. This helped the client to increase their efficiency and cost savings upto five percent, which is a significant savings when applied to multi-million dollar capital spend budgets.

Integral Analytics

Cincinnati, OH

Tom Osterhus, CEO

Offers sophisticated financial, reliability, risk and least cost planning analytics software across the utility sector