Cohesive Solutions: Leading the Utilities Industry toward Operational Excellence

George Lowry, President & Co-founder
It is widely recognized that utilities are throttled with safety, regulatory, and operational challenges. Compounding these challenges is the accelerated decline in operational expertise stemming from the natural attrition occurring in their workforces today. Efforts to overcome many of these challenges have resulted in the infusion of modern information technologies to sustain or improve the business and to capture the knowledge in the outgoing workforce. Amidst this scenario, George Lowry, President & Co Founder of Cohesive Solutions acknowledges the tremendous opportunity that these new transactional systems provide; however, “Most technologies don’t consider the tribal- knowledge aspects of information collection. To overcome this, Cohesive embeds information collection methods in the routine work process performed by key workers that use the systems we implement,” asserts Lowry.

Cohesive Solutions provides asset-intensive organizations with solutions that promote asset reliability and operational excellence. Cohesive serves clients as their premier consulting and system integration partner, focusing on the Enterprise Asset Management field for asset, work, and supply chain management. “Cohesive bridges the gap between business and technology,” says Lowry. Unlike others in the marketplace, Cohesive addresses their projects with the appropriate blend of industry and technology expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes. Lowry further explains, “To make good on this, we have maintained laser focus on staying within our Consultant’s core competencies in the Energy and Utilities markets.”

Cohesive is a premier ‘IBM Maximo’ Business Partner–an enterprise asset and service management solution that unifies comprehensive asset life cycles, maintenance management, and supply chain on a single platform. Cohesive’s Playbook applies a top-down approach to business process refinement and information engineering. The methods first address the needs of the business before the technology comes into play. Lowry explains, “Our projects be- gin with establishing clarity respective of the associated business objectives and strategic initiatives.
This approach allows Cohesive to highlight the metrics and key performance indicators that are necessary to measure effectiveness and then build and align the business processes around them.”

The firm also offers solutions for Enterprise Performance Management by enabling customers with continuous improvement programs that support operational excellence. “We have leveraged our experience as practitioners and consultants to develop our own solution called ‘Propel’,” reckons Lowry.

Most technologies don’t consider the tribal-knowledge aspects of information collection. To overcome this, Cohesive embeds information collection methods in the routine work process performed by key workers that use the systems we implement

Propel enables customers to monitor and manage their continuous improvement programs to ensure the business is achieving its performance targets. The solution offers the C-Suite to Shop Floor the ability to visually inspect various aspects of the business competence. Performance teams use Propel to define, target, manage, and collaborate on continuous improvement initiatives while capturing the associated tribal knowledge that exists within the business. The product also allows the enterprise to monitor business conditions and automatically initiate preplanned responses to undesirable events as they occur… much in the same manner that we use SCADA telemetry on a turbine generator,” says Lowry. Propel, alongside Cohesive’s other solutions, promotes operational excellence through the means of helping businesses unlock their potential and achieve their desired results.

Cohesive Solutions

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George Lowry, President & Co-founder

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