Basis Technologies: Faster, Better SAP Systems for Utility Companies

Trevor Ticehurst, Utilities Solutions Director
Basis Technologies’ software solutions are all built on its unique Node5 Architecture. At its core is the ability to flexibly process large amounts of data, rapidly. Utility companies who run SAP depend on a number of their BDi Apps (Big Data Insight Apps) to streamline their customer service and billing operations.

The BDEx family of BDi Apps improves business performance and customer responsiveness by analysing data that’s otherwise impossible to reach. The BDEx Apps crack a significant problem that utilities running SAP face– Exception Management. Dealing with business process ‘exceptions’ that are created when managing large volumes of customer Contracts can cripple a utility company and can have a catastrophic effect on customer service and business performance. BDEx creates a customer- centric view of the distributed SAP exceptions and enables customer agents to work more effectively to get to the root cause of the problem and resolve exceptions faster and so they don’t reoccur.

"It is really about more effectively man- aging the end-to-end customer journey,” says Trevor Ticehurst, Utilities Solutions Director at Basis Technologies. “We are able to bring down the average handling times considerably in terms of managing exceptions such as meter-to-cash exceptions and we also pro- vide a customer -centric view.”

Making game changing products centered around our customer pain points, keeping true to the internal values of the company, continuing to heavily invest in research and development, and being creative in the way the technology is used, are what Ticehurst credits for the success of the company.

He also acknowledges the role of cur- rent IT trends such as in-memory and cloud computing.
“There’s a great deal going on in the SAP ecosystem with the rise of Enterprise Cloud and SAP’s HANA in-memory platform. We’re right at the forefront of this–we were the 7th compa- ny to join SAP’s HANA startup program globally and our BDEx platform runs on both SAP’s current technology and SAP’s HANA platform, today. We’ve also developed a ground breaking predictive analytics solution for utility companies that leverages the power of SAP HANA.”

As well as transforming business processing, Basis Technologies is leading in another field–the way that SAP customers run and manage their SAP IT functions. Basis Technologies’ DevOps solutions help companies move from slow, linear, and manual processes to safer, agile, responsive development and test workflows that don’t result in production downtime. So companies can add new functionality quickly, align all their efforts with strategic business goals and actively make change hap- pen–rather than have it happen to them.

Karl Pringle, President of Basis Technologies Inc. draws an interesting parallel. “DevOps gives companies a new way to think about the traditional stove-piped Development and Operations functions. Certain industries have had to evolve their ways of working to be more agile, automated and collaborative–the likes of Facebook, Netflix and eBay are always- on businesses with hundreds of millions of customers dependent on what they do.”

Pringle continues, “But Enterprises who run ERP solutions are starting to see the benefit of their evolved ways of working–and we intend to be at the forefront in helping SAP custom- ers embrace DevOps principles. Our Transport Expresso and ShiftLeft solutions enable enterprises who run SAP to run faster and safer when delivering business functionality.”

Basis Technologies

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Trevor Ticehurst, Utilities Solutions Director and Martin Metcalf, CEO Karl Pringle, President

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