Silver Spring Networks: Connecting All Advanced Technologies To Build A Modernized Smart Grid

Scott Lang, President & CEO
Silver Spring Networks is a leading networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks. Silver Spring’s pioneering IPv6 networking platform, with 17 million Silver Spring enabled devices delivered, is connecting utilities to homes and business throughout the world with the goal of achieving greater energy efficiency for the planet.

With over 10 years of experience, Silver Spring has an open, standards-based IPv6 network that integrates and connects all of a utility’s infrastructure, software and services. The company’s ecosystem of more than 70 certified partners further supporting the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform ensures that all utility customers receive a tailored and scale smart energy solutions to meet every project’s environmental, regulatory and operational goals.

“Silver Spring has assembled a powerful coalition of utility, cable, telecommunications and information technology leaders who provide a dynamic, innovative ‘anything is possible’ environment,” says Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks.

The Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform provides an open and standards based foundation that brings together and connects all of the advanced technologies and services that are needed to build a modernized smart grid, including metering devices, DA devices, in-home devices and network infrastructure.

Silver Spring’s Gen4 networking technology delivers greater flexibility and choice to utilities, enabling it to meet new challenges and serve their customer demands more effectively and efficiently. Rapid-deployment solutions such as the “Speed-to-Value” program provide customers with four new cost-effective solutions by deploying more applications on the network and delivering measurable results, faster.

Silver Spring has assembled a powerful coalition of utility, cable, telecommunications and information technology leaders

Its Corporate Headquarters are located in Redwood City, California. Affiliate offices are located in Chicago, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom and Singapore. Some of its include big names like Baltimore Gas & Electric, CitiPower & Powercor, Commonwealth Edison, CPS Energy, Florida Power & Light, Jemena Electricity Networks Limited, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Progress Energy and SingaporePower, among others.

Silver Spring Networks is in a unique position compared with the rest of the industry, as its products, services and solutions provide a holistic architecture for the Smart Grid. "BGE is pleased to partner with Silver Spring Networks in delivering the significant transformational benefits of smart grid to each of our 1.2 million customers. Those benefits include at least $2.5 billion worth of savings for BGE customers over the life of the project, as well as major new enhancements in customer service and reliability. We look forward to benefiting from Silver Spring’s proven technology – technology that is the backbone of smart grid implementation by leading utilities throughout the U.S. and abroad," says Kenneth W. DeFontes, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of BGE.

While focusing on AMI, DSM and DA advancements remains a priority, Silver Spring is leveraging the foundation from its Smart Energy Platform to provide utilities with a whole new level of connectivity. Smart City solutions, such as intelligent street lighting, traffic signal control and electric vehicle charging, are just a few of the concepts that will be emphasized in our upcoming roadmaps.

Silver Spring Networks

Redwood City,CA

Scott Lang, President & CEO

Silver Spring securely connects consumers and utility providers through powerful and proven energy networks that can be easily expanded as needs evolve.