PowerPlan: Empowering Asset-Intensive Businesses To Unlock Trapped Cash

John Andrus, CEO
Providing asset-intensive companies with an integrated accounting, tax, budgeting and analytical solution that would enable businesses to generate more cash, mitigate compliance risk and support a culture of cost management was the only core principle of PowerPlan, an enterprise software company, when it was founded in 1994 in Atlanta, GA.

PowerPlan reshapes the way industries such as utilities, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications and mining manage the detailed information for every asset required to maximize their value and optimize financial performance. With almost three decades of expertise in providing invaluable solutions to its clients, PowerPlan has attracted and added big names like American Electric Power, Amtrak, Verizon, TransCanada and Washington Gas to its clientele. The company’s confident approach in handling unexpected or complicated situations has made it a hot favourite in the market. “PowerPlan is a total solutions provider, not just a software company.

Our solutions seamlessly augment, integrate and translate all the data gaps shared between general ledger-based ERP and EAM systems. We reshape the way customers manage, analyze and apply the detailed data required to maximize the value of every asset and optimize financial performance,” says John Andrus, CEO, PowerPlan.

Apart from the approach and the execution style of delivering solutions, PowerPlan presents its customers with customizable and a user friendly solutions or applications. “When comparing PowerPlan to other alternatives, PowerPlant’s application screens and navigation through the application were found to be much more intuitive and user-friendly,” adds Susan Self, Accounting Service Manager at Southern Company Services.
PowerPlan helps executives proactively stay ahead of the complex, ever-changing web of compliance and regulatory requirements by providing timely delivery of all SEC/FASB, FERC, Federal and state tax changes, and requirements from US GAAP, IFRS, FERC and state commissions. It also simultaneously supports CGAAP, Regulatory and IFRS books within a single project and asset record. Together, these capabilities enable businesses to more tightly control governance, stand up to audits, reduce the possibility of restatements and improve recoveries. Both regulated and non-regulated utilities of all sizes leverage PowerPlan.

PowerPlan eliminates re-work, double entry and the need for hundreds of spreadsheets, manual journals and multiple copies of accounts and ledgers. Additionally, PowerPlan relieves field operations from the accounting burden, allowing them to focus on the operations while still capturing the accurate, detailed information essential for accounting, tax and regulatory compliance. “Just having a central repository for recurring lease obligations is huge. It took us a long time to round up and enter all our leases, but this project gave us a head start so we won’t have to jump through hoops when the FASB/ IASB pronouncement goes into effect,” says Cindy Perdue, Manager of Asset and Energy Accounting, Cleco Corp.

With the advent of great technology and emergence of multi-tasking applications, corporates and organizations are finding different ways to deal with the challenges they face on daily basis. PowerPlan, with its rich expertise and market knowledge is thriving into all the avenues irrespective of the industry and it is now time for us to carefully observe the market and look at places where solutions are required in a confident approach, like the PowerPlan way!


Atlanta, GA

John Andrus, CEO

Provides asset-intensive companies with an integrated accounting,tax, budgeting and analytical solution