MAVERICK Technologies: MAVERICK Is Empowering Process Manufacturing

Paul J. Galeski, Founder
Realizing business goals requires proven processes at every phase of a project cycle. The process and manufacturing industries face challenges in updating and seamlessly integrating the latest technology and processes.

MAVERICK Technologies, a global leader in industrial automation, ensures delivery of the right solution using the most appropriate technology to improve operations from startup and commissioning to ongoing maintenance. ‘Empowering process manufacturing’ isn’t just a snappy tagline, they are words we live by,” says Paul J. Galeski, CEO and Founder.

MAVERICK’s service offerings reach out to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, chemical & petrochemical, food and beverage, refining and more. With international projects stretching across six continents and more than ten thousand successfully completed jobs on virtually every technology platform, it is MAVERICK’s world class business model helping manufacturers reach the point of potential meeting performance.

The company’s project management program reflects years of development and includes more than 150 processes, work procedures, forms and examples based on PMI, ISO, GAMP4 and CSIA requirements, best practices and benchmarks. The 6D approach of MAVERICK helps to Define, Design, Develop, Deploy, Direct and Document each business solution. Each phase of project implementation includes thorough gating processes with design reviews, planned testing, independent quality control verifications and documented corrective actions. The projects driven by experienced PMPs (Project Management Professional) provide consistent standards for meeting critical objectives within the established scope, schedule, budget, quality and risk management requirements abiding local and international regulations.

As the largest platform-independent systems integrator in North America, MAVERICK Technologies brings a unique perspective to its core business of process automation. The experience of working with every Distributed Control System (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) available in the marketplace today has enabled world class I/O optimization.
MAVERICK’s approach, of using a full suite of internal productivity tools, ensures smooth Human Machine Interface (HMI) migrations. Process control hardware usually outlives communication protocols, operator interfaces and data gathering systems. As the plant ages, MAVERICK’s timely upgrades help maintain operational efficiency and optimal industrial automation integration. After designing countless control systems for clients across industries, MAVERICK provides a range of process control design services delivering a sustainable, integrated solution that will meet operational needs for decades to come. Control system migration is a chance to innovate and improve, propelling the business ahead of competition.

Manufacturers in highly complex industries enhance their systems and improve operating efficiency through advanced process control (APC). APC with MAVERICK reduces process instability, resulting in more uniform product quality, yield improvements and reduction in energy usage. Specific APC service areas include, Process Automation Services, Project Justifications, Operations Improvement, Performance Enhancement,Quality Management, Energy Cost Reduction and Workload Reduction.Specific field services include Technician Services/Calibration, Outage Services and Planning, Installation Services and Commissioning/ Construction Management.

For root cause analysis and smart business decisions, it is essential to gather and process information from disparate systems across operations. MAVERICK combines its expertise in enterprise integration consulting by recommending the best integration solution for operations, and implementing it according to the process. Strategic manufacturing solutions combine DCS migration and productivity improvements by identifying key performance metrics. Extensive platform knowledge base and business relationships with major manufacturing platform vendors, has made manufacturers across industries depend on MAVERICK as a manufacturing systems integration partner for their platforms, from control systems to ERP systems and beyond.

Deep domain expertise, continuous innovation, customized service, safety and regulatory compliance are the key factors that make MAVERICK Technologies the trusted adviser for businesses that work towards exponential growth.

MAVERICK Technologies

Columbia, IL

Paul J. Galeski, Founder

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