TE Series Line Addresses Power Supply Concerns with Highest Level of EMI and EMC Performance
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TE Series Line Addresses Power Supply Concerns with Highest Level of EMI and EMC Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

VENTURA, CA: Expanding its line of high-density open frame AC-DC medical-grade power supplies, SL Power Electronics introduced new TE60 and TE65 series of product line to its line of power solution for test and measurement applications. The 60 watt TE series external power supply complies with the US Department of Energy’s level VI efficiency requirements and provides enhanced performance to meet strict Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) parameters.

This advanced solution design promises to be ideal for use with handheld test and measurement and industrial devices, which demands low noise and rugged performance. It also helps in protecting the end-use equipment from harsh environments.

Moreover, the TE Series designs utilize high-quality electrolytic capacitors, ensuring more than a seven-year product life. Low common mode noise, level 4 ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2: 8 kV/15 kV) and surge protection (IEC61000-4-5: 1 kV CM/4 kV DM) help to ensure the highest overall performance. The model offers a regulated output power with low ripple, no-load power consumption greater than 0.5 W, and short circuit and thermal protection across both desktop and wall plugs.

"Our newest external and internal power solutions have been specifically designed to meet test equipment designers' need to solve challenging issues with EMI, EMC, ESD, surge and radiated noise," says Paul Kingsepp, Product Manager, SL Power Electronics.

The TB65 model delivers approximately 90 percent efficiency and a compact form factor for internal power. It can supply power up to 65 watts of convection-cooled output with required high performance. Its internal power supply is compliant with required standards to meet class B conducted and radiated EMI with 6db and 3db margin.