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Sony Begins External Sales of Flame-Retardant Recycled Plastic Material SORPLAS

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Sony Corporation announces the availability of its flame-retardant recycled plastic, SORPLAS (Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic) outside the Sony Group from October this year. This move is a part of Sony’s plan to offer this material to various organizations outside the Group, with the objective of promoting the reuse of resources and reducing environmental impact. A wide variety of manufacturing business operators such as consumer electronics retailers, from Japan and abroad can benefit from this. 

SORPLAS is a flame-retardant recycled plastic comprising polycarbonate plastic recycled from materials such as optical discs from discarded DVDs and optical sheets (light-diffusing films) used in LCD televisions. These recycled materials apply Sony's exclusive sulfur-based flame retardant to pull off a highly durable and heat-resistant plastic that uses up to 99 percent recycled materials.

On this occasion, three varieties of SORPLAS with distinct properties have been developed to suit the specific requirements of a variety of products, encompassing multiple types of scrap polycarbonate plastic and modified blend ratios of various additives.

- High good moldability type "SPL-EC30": Good moldability and easy to mold
- High impact type "SPL-EC50": Resistant to high impacts
- Thin, flame-retardant type "SPL-R20T": Thin and difficult to burn

Sony aims to promote the recycling of resources and contribute to a lower environmental impact on society by widely offering these varieties of SORPLAS outside the Sony Group, at approximately the same price as conventional flame-retardant polycarbonate plastic.