20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers - 2017

The changing face of the utilities industry today is driven by a number of trends from renewable power generation and battery storage to electric vehicles and energy management services. The big data wave continues to create ripples in this sector, bringing data intensive best practices to the spotlight. To this end, utility companies are incorporating the latest analytics technologies in their solutions to power the industry’s digital transformation. In conjunction with advanced analytics, the sector is also witnessing the proliferation of machine learning that brings automation and delivers greater insights on asset performance.

Meanwhile, emerging trends such as next generation smart grids and Behind The Meter (BTM) technologies provide greater granularity and frequency of information to utilities. With a more accurate, real-time account of power usage, these smart meters facilitate effective management and optimization of power usage. Talking about the latest technologies, drones come to the forefront for enabling utilities to visually assess pipelines, power lines, and other assets. In addition, they can be integrated with enterprise software platforms to notify field technicians about any faults to avoid disruptions in the grid.

A number of solution providers offer the benefits of these advanced capabilities through their data driven technologies, making it complicated for CIOs to select the best solution for their enterprise. To help CIOs navigate this landscape, CIOReview is presenting a special edition on utilities technology. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, including the CIOReview editorial board has reviewed the top companies in the utilities technology solutions arena and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the available technologies and how they add value to the utilities domain.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

Aclara Supplier of Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS) to water, gas, and electric utilities globally
Avasant Empowers clients with flexible and innovative solutions across a wide range of verticals with a focus on Utilities and Resources
Avertra Develops an innovative and intuitive Customer Delightfulness Application Suite for the utility sector
Dolphin Corporation Dolphin helps in optimizing cash flows and fostering a lower total cost of ownership for utilitity companies through SAP software
Exceleron An utility prepayment and energy monitoring software company that creates greater value and satisfaction for and between utilities and customers
HPC America A company specializing in SAP consulting for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities
Innovapptive Innovapptive integrates mobile devices and applications into utility company's landscape to reduce operational expenses, boost bottom lines, and navigate environmental challenges
irth Solutions Provides a mobile workforce management and one call ticket management software suite for oil & gas, energy, telecom and utilities companies
Itron Provides comprehensive solutions that measure, manage, and analyze energy and water
Mosaic A national training and workforce consulting firm that focuses on the utility, oil and gas industries
OSIsoft OSIsoft delivers the PI System for management of real-time data and events in utility industry
PlanetEcosystems PlanetEcosystems helps utilities develop deep and loyal relationships with customers by delivering entirely new sources of value with its P-ECOSYS customer engagement platform
ProStar Geocorp, Inc Precision geospatial solutions and services provider to the utility and pipeline industry
Radiflow Provides cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure networks (i.e. SCADA), such as power utilities, oil & gas, water, and others
ServicePower Provides connected field services and solutions through the use of innovative technology on one underlying and consistent platform
Smart Utility Systems Smart Utility Systems (SUS) is an energy and water cloud platforms provider focused on core areas of customer engagement, mobile workforce and business intelligence
Smart Wires Provides grid optimization solutions that leverage its patented modular power flow control technology
UDC Provides holistic approach for users to deploy and maintain a robust utility asset management system that undergirds their operations
Utegration A full service SAP consulting company focused on the utilities industry
Vertex Business Services Vertex helps utilities to deliver a compelling customer experience through its VertexOne Software as a Service platform, analytics, and insight services