10 Most Promising Utilities Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

10 Most Promising Utilities Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Utility vendors today are faced with an uphill task, combating challenges pertaining to the maintenance of their crumbling infrastructures while also catering to the growing customer expectations. In the meantime, newer trends such as distributed power generation and behind the meter, on-site energy generation sources are having a more significant impact on the landscape. This relentless pursuit of innovation in the utility sector dictates the need for solutions that augment efficient energy storage, mitigate corresponding cybersecurity threats, and effectively resolve the need for expensive infrastructural upgradations.

Consequently, the genesis of highly distributed and efficient power grid architecture, better known as the “Energy Cloud,” is fast replacing the old infrastructure. All inclusive service providers that offer utility delivery automation services are monitoring these new developments in the industry to ensure real-time management and optimization of production, transport, and delivery of

utilities, all the while paving the way for engaging customer interactions that solve some of the predominant hurdles plaguing the industry. The emergence of a myriad of utility vendors delivering state-of-the-art data-driven applications and smart grid communications make it all the more cumbersome for industry leaders to zero in on a precise go-to strategy that checks all their boxes.

This edition of CIOReview brings you the “10 Most Promising Utilities Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2019.” The list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that provide sustainable services, enabling industry leaders to enhance performance and efficiency of their utility delivery strategies. The proposed list envisions assisting companies in benefiting from the services of the right utility technology providers that suit their organizations requirements and supports them in their strategic endeavors.

Company Name

Company Description

Burns & McDonnell Offers direct hire construction and fabrication services through union subsidiary, AZCO Inc and an open-shop subsidiary, Ref-Chem
ITEGRITI Provides distinctive advisory services and actionable recommendations to help companies manage risks more effectively by improving their cybersecurity, audit and compliance programs
Novinium The company's proprietary Cablecure Technology rejuvenates underground cables quickly and safely, returning them to better-than-new performance
POWERPLAN Provides financial and compliance clarity, to make confident, credible decisions that improve overall corporate performance
Powertech Labs Supports electrical utilities, original equipment manufacturers, and the automotive industries
Process Solutions Assurance Provides focused consulting services to meet the end-to-end needs of the utility industry through Project Management, Business Process, and Technical implementation
SEDC Provides CIS/Billing, Accounting, Engineering and Operations applications configured to meet desired requirements
Tetra Tech Provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass the full life cycle of solutions
TMG Consulting Provides strategic planning for utilities contemplating significant business transformation projects and procurement services where solutions are acquired
WaterSmart Software Delivers software-as-a-service customer engagement and analytics platform for superior customer service to water utilities