iBridge Group: Driving Growth through Optimized Technology

Jennifer Cumpian, CEO

To stay competitive and viable, it has become paramount for companies in the utilities industry to embrace innovation and adopt new technologies. iBridge Group provides the tools and solutions that these companies need to enable them to stay competitive in the current environment. This professional service firm provides solutions and support to government and commercial companies with a focus on oil and gas, manufacturing, pension and health care industries. Company offerings include best-of-breed technologies and platforms to provide highly scalable solutions that not only meet current business requirements but can also address future needs. Through formal partnerships with dominate software manufacturers such as Kofax, Pega systems, Adobe, Microsoft and IBM, the Austin-based iBridge Group plays a leading role in digital transformation across industries. “Our technical expertise, best of breed partnerships, and industry experience allow us to provide solutions that align with customer’s expectations and budgets,” adds Jennifer Cumpian, CEO, iBridge Group.

As an awarding-winning Kofax Diamond Partner, iBridge Group is able to support clients and enhance their data capture processes to achieve agility and workflow automation. iBridge Group also helps companies to standardize forms, to maximize capture capability including adding 2D barcodes, allowing them to reduce data entry costs and improve data integrity. By automating the data capturing process using intelligent capture technologies, the company reduces manual data entry and improves data integrity, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. For instance, if an Oil or Transport company is dealing with too many manual steps within their run ticket process, iBridge Group can work with the company to implement a solution to streamline and automate much of the run ticket process. This type of solution enables companies to process run tickets and resolve discrepancies quickly and efficiently.

Our technical expertise, best of breed partnerships, and industry experience allow us to provide solutions that align with customer’s expectations and budgets

These projects are managed using either agile or traditional waterfall approaches by our certified professionals; the company is flexible depending on the client’s environment and timeline. While iBridge Group project managers ensure timely and complete execution of projects, its support team provides backend support, maintenance, and training for clients’ internal teams. “By providing the best ticketing tools, we remain highly responsive to any change in the client environment affecting the system, helping them to achieve maximized uptime,” states Cumpian.

In its journey of over a decade, the success formula for iBridge Group has been a unique culture that fosters the idea of growing with the customers. Cumpian adds, “We are not here to simply sell any particular technology but to solve the business problems of our clients.”

Since its inception in 2006, iBridge Group has continually focused on maintaining strong relationships with both clients and partners. The company’s highly skilled and motivated workforce brings value that far exceeds customers’ expectations. Counting on that enthusiasm, iBridge Group is focused on providing solutions that cater to the growing demand for SaaS-based solutions.

iBridge Group

Austin, TX

Jennifer Cumpian, CEO

Provides relevant and effective technology solutions that address the unique requirements of the utilities industry

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