Doxee: Driving Customer Engagement through Cloud

Sergio Muratori Casali, President
The utilities industry is trying to redefine their customer-facing strategy from being operations-driven to a customer engagement-driven to improve business outcomes. To this end, utility companies need solutions that allow them to transform their legacy systems to support mobile-based communication. With more interactions, these companies gain the capability to upsell or cross-sell their products all while keeping the customer engaged with the new content. With 17 years of experience in the field of customer communication management (CCM), Doxee offers SaaS and OnPremise models to enterprise customers, supported by a PaaS architecture that allows both Doxee and its global partners to develop CCM and CX applications fitting complex workflow and multichannel output requirements. “Our platform provides marketing opportunities that allow utility companies to foster commercial content and drive revenue,” says Sergio Muratori Casali, president of Doxee.

Headquartered in Modena, Italy, Doxee works with channel partners across the U.S. and Europe to deliver their products. “As one of the first CCM platform provider to offer CCM as a service, we offer workload distribution and scalability to our clients,” says Muratori. With Doxee, clients can create content and deliver engaging communication experience throughout the customer journey. “Doxee excels as a unified platform with the the ability to combine multiple type of experiences (traditional and innovative) sharing the same workflow, ETL, application design and analytics capabilities.

In addition, the platform is highly flexible and can be customized based on the user’s needs.

Doxee’s CCM platform consists of tools that can be broadly classified into two categories—document experience (dX) and interactive experience (iX). The Doxee dX tool empowers clients to build a CCM solution through which they can publish dynamic CCM content such as utility bills and usage updates in an informative manner to create an impact on the consumers.

Our platform provides marketing opportunities to promote communication of commercial content

On the other hand, the iX tool enables clients to create unique communication experiences across multiple channels through personalized videos, tutorials, and HTML5-based microsites and web applications. With iX, enterprises can maximize the effectiveness of their customer experience strategies. Both dX and iX work hand in hand to create a seamless multichannel experience for the consumers.

Doxee has become a seasoned wizard in the field of customer communications serving numerous companies from utilities, telcos, financial services and further venturing into insurance as well as public sector.In an instance, Doxee assisted Enel, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, in setting up a cloud infrastructure to carry out document composition for billing both batch and on demand in Romania. The company is also handling the document composition for Enel’s Latin American branches by synchronizing data from different countries. Doxee has implemented Salesforce integrations for them as Enel is moving all its functions to cloud. “Enel is not only relying on us for technology and expertise but also to run their projects successfully, which is why we have a strong relationship with them since 2012.”

Catering to the breadth of the utilities expanse including prospect customer and prospect partners together, ISV and service providers are key partners to bring iX solution to SMBs, such as local utilities.

From a market leadership perspective, the company will work with major players at a global scale, running all CCM functions through a single cloud platform. With such plans, Doxee aims to help companies evolve while having customer communications innovation as part of their core business strategy.


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Sergio Muratori Casali, President

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