BI Solutions: Bridging the Gap between Business and IT

Saravanamagesh Ganesan, President and CEO
SAP veteran, S Ganesan, since the early stages of his career has strived to fill the void between business and IT as he went on to help companies improve quality and save cost. With a unique mindset pivoted on ensuring quality, Ganesan has focused on leveraging IT to solve the intricate business challenges. These traits are the DNA of the company, BI Solutions, he founded in 2005. BI Solutions today helps companies in the Utilities industry, which is witnessing massive investment with a focus on modernization, to improve cost performance by offering niche skill sets that allow clients to make informed business decisions and drive business outcomes. BI Solutions incorporates state of the art SAP technologies to deliver quality and efficiency in the evolving utilities industry. The company excels in addressing the time and cost challenges, bringing to the fore technology-driven solutions that adds value to clients’ business.

Driven by the company’s motto of bringing quality services, BI Solutions solves the complexity of compliance mandates such as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), thereby ensuring that every client meets the compliance requirements. BI Solutions offers a real-time FERC solution built on SAP S/4HANA universal journal to help the utilities industry tackle their unique challenges. In addition it has an embedded SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) solution, which enables robust planning and forecasting for Rate cases.

Besides, BI Solutions adds value to the utilities landscape by focusing on customer engagement and satisfaction. The firm is involved in various Customer Information System (CIS) projects that cater to the quality aspects of the solutions offered in the utilities spectrum.

Our company is focused every day to provide the highest value to our customers among our peers in the industry

“As the financial and competitive costs of outdated legacy Customer Information Systems increase, utilities are looking for a competitive edge. BI Solutions offers high quality consulting service in Analytics and SAP IS-U/CCS,” says Ganesan. SAP IS-U/ CCS helps utility companies in contract accounting, device management, billing and invoicing, customer service, and work management. Backed by SAP expertise, BI Solutions has emerged as the partner of choice for companies in the industry. BI Solutions’ seasoned SAP professionals are equipped with customer-centric work ethics and focused on helping them navigate through the operational challenges.

As utilities continue to push the envelope with an aim to embrace technology advancements, it creates a huge marketplace for business intelligence consultants and consultancy services in the hindsight. BI Solutions endeavors to play an active role in this transformation through its quality-driven solutions and services. In the coming years, the firm envisages to develop a unique product-line that solves the intricacies prevalent in the utilities industry. With that vision, BI Solutions aims to transform into a product-based company, presuming the position of frontrunner in this landscape. “BI Solutions brings forth cost-effective services and solutions that balance value and revenue part of the deal,” Ganesan concludes.

BI Solutions

Plano, TX

Saravanamagesh Ganesan, President and CEO

Provides cutting edge SAP solutions for the Utilities industry to improve their cost performance

BI Solutions