Utility Consulting Group LLC (UCG): Nimble Consultancy Helps To Accomplish Aspirations

Jean-Guy Lacombe, CEO & President
Utility Consulting Group LLC (UCG), founded in 2006 and headquartered in Calabasas, CA, is a management consulting firm specialized in providing strategic and operational solutions for companies in the utility industry. UCG recognizes the utility industry as a rapidly changing environment and it becomes increasingly complex when new challenges arise, such as growing energy demand, infrastructure replacement, infrastructure replacement, energy trading and risk management, regulatory and reporting compliance, operational and performance improvements, climate change and sustainability etc.

The firm helps clients navigate industry deregulation, financial crisis, re-regulation, Sarbanes-Oxley and new compliance requirements, and adopt new technologies, including smart meters and enterprise-wide system replacements. The company’s culture is built around honor and respect for people.
Technology links UCG’S employees together, no matter where they are located. The firm understands that successful business models used in the utility industry continue to evolve.

UCG professionals have widespread experience serving clients’ finance and accounting requirement. The firm assists in reviewing and testing accounting transaction flows, performing gap analysis, and developing recommendations to improve process efficiencies and mitigate risks in accounting transactions. UCG has a proven track record in business process design and reengineering and excel in collaboratively working with the clients to design and implement key business processes to improve the clients’ operations. The technology strategy and implementation support services of UCG focuses on an organization’s overall objective regarding information technology. The program and project management, based on widely accepted project management methodologies, including the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), provided by the company facilitates the clients at every stage in the life cycle of a project.

Utility Consulting Group

Calabasas, CA

Jean-Guy Lacombe, CEO & President

Provides strategic and operational solutions for companies in the utility industry.